NLP Coaching & Hypnotherapy for Positive Change & Transformation


How effective is Hypnotherapy?

American Health Magazine compared different types of therapy and found: Psychoanalysis 38% Recovery after 600 Sessions Behaviour Therapy72% Recovery after 22 Sessions Hypnotherapy 93% Recovery after 6 Sessions Begin your transformational therapy with Steve today and find out more here: 38%Psychoanalysis72%Behavior Therapy93%Hypnotherapy

Six Week Success NLP Coaching

Six Weeks Success Coachingwith Steve Mallinson BA, NLP Master Practitioner 6 Weeks of Solutions with NLP, Coaching & Hypnotherapy Take your life to the next level with this 6 week programme of NLP and Hypnotherapy. Bespoke to your needs in tackling whatever problems you may have and successfully resolving any issues. We will identify your […]

NLP – My Focus for Your Coaching

“My approach to NLP is to provide the highest quality interaction I possibly can, enabling your change process to be smooth, efficient, remarkable and life changing. As such, preparation, intention, skills focus and a commitment to getting results coupled with having trained with outstanding teachers make for the incredible transitions clients report ” Steve Mallinson BA My commitment to constant  learning keeps me […]

NLP Coaching

With NLP Coaching, creating change in your life at all levels can be faster and more enjoyable than you have previously thought. Whether you  wish to change limiting ideas about your capabilities, resolve grief, build self esteem, eliminate a phobia or desire to make more of your goals and dreams come true, Steve Mallinson, Qualified […]

What Is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

You may be wondering what NLP is all about… Most likely you have seen or heard celebrities such as Derren Brown and Paul McKenna on television. Both are highly trained in NLP and Hypnotherapy, so if you ‘ve seen Paul McKenna’s  ” I can change your life” where he shows people how to overcome phobias, […]

Hypnotherapy in Bristol

Free yourself from limiting conditions, experiences and states. Free yourself from old Habits, Quit Smoking, Find your Ideal Weight, End Depression, Crush Anxiety, Heal Grief, Self Actualise, Resolve PTSD, Activate your Potential, Top Performance in Sport, Creativity, Achieve Your Goals, Thrive and Excel, Self Realise, Activate your Potential, Live Fully, Communicate Authentically, Find Peace, Relaxation […]

NLP & Hypnotherapy

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) is a positive solutions oriented psychology using the best in therapeutic language and hypnotic techniques by modelling excellence in the fields of therapy, communication and coaching. Brief, effective, rapid change techniques and interventions have and continue to be developed from this cutting edge development in therapeutic excellence.

Rebirthing as Awareness

Natural Rebirthing and Awareness Awareness it’s what you are, here, now, formless,your life long friend, sometimes ignored,often obscured and yet fully loyal. Unmoving, unchanging ever present,in all things. Perhaps you remember, as a child , simply being with other children, innocently acting,open hearted, non judging, without those concepts and labels to define and confine even […]

BLAST Technique for PTSD

I’m happy to offer a new treatment modality which has been shown by neuro-science research to effectively treat PTSD from accidents, trauma, unresolved events, military service etc. Based on EMDR but with a far more effective and quicker procedure, BLAST Technique® is set to revolutionise the world of therapy just as NLP has done. BLAST […]