About Steve Mallinson

Steve Mallinson ~ Qualified Master Practitioner of NLP


Trained in NLP to Master Practitioner level with Judith De Lozier, co- founder of NLP, (Bali Learning Community 1991), NLP Practitioner with J.S.A., B.A. Soc.(Hons), Qualified Teacher, (PGCE). Diploma in Hypnotherapy (Halcyon College, USA). Reiki Master, Holistic Massage Practitioner (MTI).

I have successfully worked with clients to:

Achieve job promotion

Develop relaxed states

Feel confident

Overcome phobias

Stop smoking

Improve communication

Increase motivation

Clarify goals and direction

Change unwanted habits

Release stress

Achieve ideal weight

Change limiting beliefs


NLP sessions with Master Practitioner Steve Mallinson B.A. are available at:

The Family Practice, Bristol

For further info on nlp sessions and booking, email nlpmaster1@live.co.uk