Blast-Technique PTSD Therapy

Resolve symptoms of PTSD and trauma such as flashbacks, anxiety, insomnia, self esteem issues, relationship issues and masking of emotion

I’m very happy to offer a new treatment modality which has been shown by neuro-science research to effectively treat PTSD from accidents, trauma, unresolved events, military service etc. Based on EMDR but with a far more effective and quicker procedure, BLAST Technique® is set to revolutionise the world of therapy just as NLP has done. BLAST Technique® (Bi Lateral Analysis & Stimulation Treatment) effectively removes the excess emotional charge from the limbic system, allowing difficult memories to be processed by the whole brain as they would with normally coded memories.

I want to help you end the suffering caused by PTSD & trauma

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Testimony of healing from PTSD using this approach

“I first came to see Steve because I wanted to go on holiday without constant fear and worry. Having being diagnosed many years ago with PTSD from a severe trauma, I have seen many practitioners and tried multiple therapies. Although previous EMDR with another practitioner proved useful, along with CBT, I was still left with some anxiety, along with a fear of going away on holiday, in particular the channel tunnel! A complicated case, Steve used various methods in the weeks before I was due to travel. I could not believe the difference, not only did I enjoy the tunnel, I was finally free, able to enjoy holidays abroad! Since I have returned, I continue to practice methods that Steve taught me so I can achieve things that previously have felt too overwhelming. For the first time in a long time, I am looking forward to who I can become and wholeheartedly believe I can get there. I would not hesitate to work with Steve again and highly recommend him”. Mrs M Noble

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I have just been lucky enough to be in a group hypnosis healing session led by Steve Mallinson. It was simply brilliant. And profound. I have listened to a Lot of healing hypnosis recordings and Steve’s approach is in another league. He is so skilled at weaving a variety of ideas together into a very deep experience. I felt a lot going on within me during the hypnosis and will be very interested to see the results as I am sure I am going to see benefits. If you get a chance to experience this – go for it. I am hoping that Steve will release a recording… Deborah J.