Client Testimonials

  • “Steve is a great therapist and one that I highly recommend. I went there with quite a few issues and after only a few sessions I have seen drastic improvements. I can’t thank him enough!” Ms R Raymond
  • “I’ve had a very positive experience with Steve. I’ve tried a few types of therapy for dealing with issues around anxiety and low confidence/self esteem, and I’ve found that my sessions with Steve have made the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time! I’m fully behind NLP now and am a big fan of Steve himself, he creates a comfortable atmosphere in which I find it easy to relax and concentrate on making positive improvements. Highly recommended.” Mr D Hill
  • “I first came to see Steve because I wanted to go on holiday without constant fear and worry. Having being diagnosed many years ago with PTSD from a severe trauma, I have seen many practitioners and tried multiple therapies. ( previous EMDR with another practitioner proved useful, along with CBT, I was still left with some anxiety, along with a fear of going away on holiday, in particular the channel tunnel!) I could not believe the difference, not only did I enjoy the tunnel, I was finally free, able to enjoy holidays abroad! Since I have returned, I continue to practice methods that Steve taught me so I can achieve things that previously have felt too overwhelming. For the first time in a long time, I am looking forward to who I can become and wholeheartedly believe I can get there. I would not hesitate to work with Steve again and highly recommend him.” Ms Noble
  • “After my NLP with you, I have continued to stay very positive with my life. I have noticed a change as my family have too,they say I seem super happy. I know if I ever feel depressed and down with my life you will be the first person I will come and see. I truly believe in what you do, it’s amazing thank you so much. I literally tell everyone about you and where you are. ..your better than any doctor I have been to. Thank you.”  Joanne H
  • Thank you Steve for your time and support with NLP over the last few weeks. The strategies you have provided have been invaluable and I have enjoyed putting them in place within different scenarios with fast results. Having tried a few different approaches in the past, yours is absolutely one I would recommend to those who are looking to make changes to their lives whether that is professionally or personally you have really catered for my individual goals. Thank you again.  Ms L Newman
  • The session was wonderful and put me in a fantastic state of mind, and definitely gave me tools, images and experiences that I am drawing on. I have been able to consistently replace negative self-talk with ‘How can I’s.  That’s been easy, natural, and makes an immediate difference to my internal state – I can tell that I relax as soon as I make that shift.  I also have kept some very clear images and sensations to draw on.  Ms J Brown
  • Highly recommended I felt immediately at ease around Steve. His demeanour is calm and focused.  His techniques are very effective. Highly recommended.  Tony S
  • “ It’s really powerful stuff! WOW! amazing.”  Ms J. Bissell
  • My first session was very successful. Steve helped me to release the tension of my muscles that somehow I had not been able to do before with such a great result. He also helped me to create a relaxing room in my mind to use whenever I need to. I just realised that my muscles tension blocked me many ways to live a better quality of life. Thank you Steve, you gave me an excellent treatment that makes essential changes in my life. Ms K Lanceley
  • “You have a gift for “seeing”, an extraordinary ability that can truly change your perception and will never be forgotten.”  Ms K. Beedie
  • “I continue to be grateful for your kind help.. and in admiration of your skills.”   Katalina B
  • “I’m so grateful for your skill. Rather than help simply with the issue I arrived with, the direction you took me in has given me a sense of wholeness. I can’t stop grinning as I have an inner knowledge that the person I knew I was is kinda out there loud and proud with no going back, it’s an incredible feeling .” Ms Isaacs
  • ” I have been feeling very motivated since our NLP session. The part I draw back to is our exercise where we pictured the future me and how that would look and feel. I liked what I saw and know I can get there. Already I’m starting to speak like that person of the future in my meeting and phonecalls.” Ms D Kelly
  • “Following the session yesterday, I can say that I feel calmer and more patient and am able to see things from a wider perspective. I’m also feeling more energised, uplifted and positive and am able to let things go more easily.”  Ms Kalap
  • “I can sense the blockage in my thought pattern towards the negative route and the free flowing pattern of the positive route and feel such relief that I have got here!” Ella W

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