NLP & Hypnotherapy Sessions

NLP sessions with Master Practitioner of NLP, Steve Mallinson B.A. are currently available at clinic rooms in Bristol.

How can NLP & Hypnotherapy help me?

One of the most advanced and effective methods of personal development, coaching and psychotherapy, NLP  is a cutting edge solutions oriented psychology that can be used to change almost any unwanted habits and patterns of behaviour. These may include for example:

· Increasing confidence

· Self improvement

· Improving relationships

· Self awareness

· Better communication

· Expanding & developing current abilities

· Developing resourceful states

· Resolving phobias & fears

· End anxiety and depression

· Defining & refining goals and direction

· Freedom from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

· Stop Smoking

· Stop comfort eating

· Overcoming blocks to progress

· Changing limiting beliefs

· Resolving internal conflicts

· Healing physical illnesses maintained at the subconscious level

· Find deeply relaxed states

· Release stress  & learn new strategies


For further info on nlp & hypnotherapy  sessions and booking email