NLP & Hypnotherapy

Change rapidly with NLP & Hypnotherapy

One of the most advanced and effective methods of personal development, coaching and psychotherapy, NLP  is a cutting edge solutions oriented psychology that can be used to change almost any unwanted habits and patterns of behaviour. Hypnotherapy can be integrated in with NLP or used as the sole means of treatment.Typical applications may include for example:

· Self improvement

· Self awareness

· Improving relationships

· Ending anxiety and depression

· Better communication

· Developing skills & abilities

· Resolving phobias & fears

· Defining goals & direction

“After my NLP with you, I have continued to stay very positive with my life. I have noticed a change as my family have too,they say I seem super happy. I know if I ever feel depressed and down with my life you will be the first person I will come and see. I truly believe in what you do, it’s amazing thank you so much. I literally tell everyone about you and where you are. ..your better than any doctor I have been to. Thank you.”  Joanne H

· Stop comfort eating

· Freedom from PTSD

· Healing at the subconscious level

· Overcoming blocks to progress

· Resolving internal conflicts

· Increasing health & wellbeing

 · Releasing stress response

· Stop Smoking

· Changing limiting beliefs

· Find deep relaxation

NLP and Hypnotherapy sessions with Steve Mallinson are available at clinic rooms in Bristol and online via Zoom or Skype.

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I have just been lucky enough to be in a group hypnosis healing session led by Steve Mallinson. It was simply brilliant. And profound. I have listened to a Lot of healing hypnosis recordings and Steve’s approach is in another league. He is so skilled at weaving a variety of ideas together into a very deep experience. I felt a lot going on within me during the hypnosis and will be very interested to see the results as I am sure I am going to see benefits. If you get a chance to experience this – go for it. I am hoping that Steve will release a recording… Deborah J.