28 Nov

NLP New Testimonials

The session was wonderful and put me in a fantastic state of mind, and definitely gave me tools, images and experiences that I am drawing on.
I have been able to consistently replace negative self-talk with ‘How can I’s.  That’s been easy, natural, and makes an immediate difference to my internal state – I can tell that I relax as soon as I make that shift.  I also have kept some very clear images and sensations to draw on.  Ms J Brown

Highly recommended I felt immediately at ease around Steve. His demeanour is calm and focused.  His techniques are very effective. Highly recommended.  Tony S

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06 Nov

Six Week Success Coaching

Six Week Success Coaching
with Steve Mallinson NLP Master Practitioner

6 Week Success Coaching

Take your life to the next level with this 6 week programme of NLP and Hypnotherapy. Bespoke to your needs in tackling whatever problems you may have and successfully resolving any issues. We will identify your desired focus to apply the powerful change techniques to and achieve transformation of whatever currently holds you back. A commitment of Six sessions over six weeks helps you to consistently generate behavioural change and psychological evolution. I will support you in making the relevant changes you need through consistent high level skills application throughout the period, ensuring you receive high quality input.

Some Possible Areas of Focus

Achieve job promotion, excelling at what you do, the best you possible

Develop supremely deep relaxation to counteract stress, aid creativity or wellbeing

Overcome phobias and fears ( spiders/lifts/water, public speaking, social anxiety )

Stop smoking for good and develop a health mind and body

Improve communication ( at work, in relationships, with yourself )

Increase motivation, energy, dynamism, self belief, self worth

Change unwanted habits and feel free and alive instead

Authentic expression, self awareness, self knowledge

Clarify goals and direction and take action with joy

Release stress, manage your emotional state, develop more peace & calm

Achieve ideal weight, and create healthy eating choices

Change limiting beliefs and become and do what you long for

Assisting your body to heal itself, the healthiest most balanced you


In addition to the 6 weekly sessions I will support you with a weekly check in email, keeping up with your developments, inspiring and motivating you, offering advice and input where needed or simply congratulating you on your progress.

Pricing & Value

Investing in yourself, your skills, your wellbeing, your psychological state is an invaluable investment, changing your quality of life forever. Simply decide on what’s holding you back or where you’d like to improve the quality of your life, and get in touch..

Six Week Success Coaching ( Sessions and Support ) Standard Price £450

Web Price  £420

What are you waiting for ? Take action, call or email to book today

0117 924 9673


07 Jul

NLP – My Focus for Your Coaching


“My approach to NLP is to provide the highest quality interaction I possibly can, enabling your change process to be smooth, efficient, remarkable and life changing. As such, preparation, intention, skills focus and a commitment to getting results coupled with having trained with outstanding teachers make for the incredible transitions clients report ” Steve Mallinson BA .

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06 Jul

NLP Coaching in Bristol

With NLP Coaching, creating change in your life at all levels can be faster and more enjoyable than you have previously thought. Whether you  wish to change limiting ideas about your capabilities, resolve grief, build self esteem, eliminate a phobia or desire to make more of your goals and dreams come true, Steve Mallinson, Qualified Master Practitioner of NLP ( Bali Learning Community 1991 ) offers expertise and excellence in the art of creating change with deep knowledge of the psychological change techniques of NLP and Hypnotherapy. Why wait? Realise the next step now…

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27 Nov

So what exactly is NLP?

You may be wondering what NLP is all about…

Most likely you have seen or heard celebrities such as Derren Brown and Paul McKenna on television. Both are highly trained in NLP and Hypnotherapy, so if you ‘ve seen Paul McKenna’s  ” I can change your life” where he shows people how to overcome phobias, feel massive confidence, tackle all manner of fears and problematic states such as anxiety,low self esteem, grief  etc – then you’ve witnessed NLP and Hypnotherapy in action. I use NLP and Hypnotherapy solely for psychological and coaching purposes. I do use it as an incredibly powerful tool for therapeutic change – it’s the best available intervention technique because it works the way the mind itself works. Solutions focused, brief, efficient and incredibly empowering.. It Will change your Life.

For further information on NLP Sessions and booking, email nlpmaster1@live.co.uk